About Us

experienced roofers in fontana

The Company

Family Owned and Operated we understand the importance of creating a large company feel where your roof gets finished quickly and efficiently with a small company atmosphere where you feel taken care of and have an amazing experience with our staff and all the interactions. That is always the goal of the company and our entire crew.

The Installers

We hire only the best and most professional installers in the business. We feel that when you treat your people right and they love what they do, the quality will show through. Our goal is to ensure that we provide the best results for our clients. That, along with our pride for customer service showcases our desire to be the best roofing company in Fontana and throughout much of San Bernardino County. Our standards are higher for ourselves than any standards set by our clients.

Need A Free Estimate?

At Fontana Roofing, we offer comprehensive roofing inspections, repairs, and maintenance services for homes and businesses throughout the Fontana area. Our team of experienced technicians has years of expertise working on all types of roofing systems, and we use the latest technology to accurately diagnose any issues that your roof may be experiencing. Plus, our competitive prices make it easy to protect your property and wallet at the same time. So if you’re looking for reliable roofing services in Fontana, look no further than Fontana Roofing. We’ll help keep your home secure and protected year after year.